Dominic’s Indie Bonus Picks 2020

Each and every one from this year.

The Rules:

  1. These are only the games I played this year and liked. There is still a mountain of stuff on my wishlist that I’ve yet to find the time or money for this year.
  2. They were released in 2020. Either definitively, into or out of early access.
  3. I consider them to be indie — by a small studio — even if they’re published.
  4. To maintain professionalism, I’m not including any games I did PR for.
  5. Prices listed are RRP, as I can’t be arsed to update to adjust to holiday sales.
  6. Store links are to if available, Steam second. Shop around, shop smart!



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Dominic Tarason

Dominic Tarason

Geek for all seasons. Freelance gaming & tech writer + PR. Indie advocate. E-Mail:, Twitter: @DominicTarason, Discord: Dominic Tarason#5970